Camera, Lighting & Other Equipment Hire

Basic pricing structure for a day's shoot is roughly £350 which includes some kit, additional costs depending on camera requirements and travel expenses.

Rates quoted do not include travel and subsistence expenses. Rights to shot material are waived only upon full and final payment. New clients will be asked for a downpayment prior to commencement of filming. Further details on request. Contact me.

  • Phantom 2 Heli /drone with GoPro Hero 3+ black edition
  • Sony A7S with various lens mounts and XLR monitoring
  • Canon 100 with EF mount
  • ATOMOS NINJA External recorder (500GB various Pro Res options)
  • Sony EX1 (HD) XDCam
  • Red Scarlet camera with EF and PL mounts (additional charges apply)
  • Sony Z1 (SD/HDV/DVCam)
  • GOPro Hero 2
  • REDROCK - 'ONE MAN CREW' camera slider/automated dolly system
  • Vinten Pro 5 tripod + Libec DV tripod
  • Kessler Pocket Dolly - 1 metre
  • New 2ft camera slider- perfect for the Canon 5D
  • Letus 35mm lens adaptor
  • set of Nikon prime lenses: 16mm -fisheye, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm
  • follow focus for the above, set of hand held bars (for ENG style shots)
  • 2 x 7 inch (Marshall) camera monitors either SDi or HDMi
  • 24 inch LCD monitor with HDMI and SDI inputs
  • 2 x L.E.D light with stands
  • Portable green-screen
  • Hague track and dolly system
  • 3 meter jibs (additional 70GBP)
  • Sony 9 inch CRT field monitor for the director (HD/SDI)
  • Sound equipment including both shotgun (Rode NTG2) and radio mics (Sennheiser and Sony (diversity)) + Sony ECM77 tie clip
  • 4 x Arri Red head 800 watt lighting kit, plus additional 2x 500 watt halogen flood lights
  • Own transport (car)
  • Blackmagic Ultra Sudio Recorder- Thunderbolt connection with HDMI and SDI interface
  • HDMI splitter (no power required)
  • New Apple Mac Pro 17 inch laptop
  • Apple Mac Pro tower with Final Cut Pro Studio and FCPX, After Effects (CS6) and Premiere (CS5 + 6)
  • 'Grade 1' HD monitor for colour correction work

Loads of experience on all sorts of projects and am always looking to get my teeth stuck into something new. Happy to provide the gear listed above. Please drop me a line if you need more information, happy to meet up and discuss your requirements or happy to show you more of my work.



This is a new generation of Camera slider/dolly, it's an automated tracking device to be used in adition to an 'A' camera for B-roll cut aways in the final edit.

You can use it with most other cameras and gives a smooth pan around the subject and there for achieving a higher production value for your final film.

If you hire me for your work I will bring along the additional piece of kit for no additional cost. Can't say fairer than that!

letus 35mm adaptorJust in, a great piece of equipment, the new ipad based tele-prompter from DataVideo for an additional cost of £75, you will get a professional autocue ready for loading your presenters scripts on too. As with all prompters this will massively aid your production times and increase productivity, no more lines for presenters to learn, or CEO's waffling on! Just read off the screen straight into the camera.

All this at a budget price saving you £100's instead of hiring in a dedicated AutoCue operator.



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