Another Promo for Divesh

Saturday, July 11, 2009 9:27 AM Posted by Bob McGowan

diveshBack to the studio in Leytonstone NE London, to film another promo for Divesh (Creeping East) it's for his mate Faze, he has the idea of using the models for filming in various dance routines, I have help in the form of two Michael, they wanted the experience on set and this is a great way to network and get involved with low budget video production. Divesh is good to work for he's always running late but works well with the client and gets the job done, as usual running overtime, but it's for a good cause...we hope......!

Shooting on the EX1, no lense adapters this time, shooting in 720p and variable frame rate for slow-mo acquisition, pin sharp resolution and good work flow for the amount of material we shoot helps to move quickly throughout the day.

 Promo for Divesh, london based freelance lighting cameraman, director of photography, Creeping East